Twitch Drops arrive to GWENT!

  • If you are excited about the upcoming GWENT Challenger #2, we have more good news for you - you will be able to gain some in-game rewards while watching the stream!

    Thanks to Twitch Drops, after you link your account to your Twitch account, every 30 minutes of watching GWENT livestreams on Twitch you will have a chance to receive 50 Meteorite Powder or 3 Card Kegs.

    Additionally, for tuning in to the GWENT Challenger you will be able to earn in-game title, card keg and the winner’s favourite card (you can find them featured on Player Profiles on @GWENTMasters!).

    For more details and a complete list of rewards, head over to
  • We are aware that there are problems with whispers and we're working to solve this issue.

    Everybody who met the requirements to receive a guaranteed reward should get it regardless of whether the whisper was sent.

    Titles will be distributed in the upcoming patch. If you should get the title, but it isn't added to your account after the patch, please contact our tech support.

    If you qualify for the Stelwart Supporter Award but didn't get the keg - please contact our tech support.