Letter to the GWENT Community

  • Hey everyone!

    I felt in my bones that the Midwinter update would cause a lot of debate! Good! Thank you for all the energy you put into voicing your thoughts. That passion is what I appreciate in this amazing community of ours the most.

    Before we go rest up a bit and spend some holiday time with our families, I want to tell you that we’re seeing what you’re telling us — both the good things, and the bad. We know who we’re making this game for. And rest assured, while we have concrete plans for GWENT and know the path we want to take, we also know including your feedback in these plans, and modifying that path is essential for the game to be a success.

    Please keep the feedback coming, but also — if I may ask you this — try to see things from different perspectives. It’s always hard to accept changes to things you’re passionate about, but sometimes these changes are beneficial in the long run.

    Having said that, there’s a ton of new cards you can try out during the holidays. I hope to see some crazy stuff in the meta when I’m back!

    Talk to you next year ,

    Paweł Burza