Gwent Open #3 - Had a Really Great Time Watching it

  • I'd just like to say thank you to CDPR and all third parties involved in the organization of Gwent e-Sport scene, specially of the last Gwent Open #3. I started watching Gwent tournaments not long ago, with the last Challenger, and to me that was increadible, the place, the atmosphere, the cast, the actors... I was really impressed by the effort you put into it and its production. And although the Gwent Open is a smaller event, I'll say that I had all the joy, if not more, that I had while watching the Challenger. There were some really increadible matches, with very clever decisions, really good casting, and it was really fun to watch.

    For me, the highlight was the arranged match between the commentators Mogwai and Panda, it took many laughs from me!

    I'm glad to see Gwent doing so well with its tournaments. Keep them coming!

    This video isn't mine, but for those who lost the transmission, it shows all the highlights of this great event.

  • Thank you!

    It's really great to hear that you enjoyed the tournaments, it means a lot. We'll try to make the next one even better!