PUBLIC BETA KNOWN ISSUES (Last updated 01.02.2018)

  • Issues we are currently aware of:


    1. We are working on the clarity of the tooltips including e.g. cards using "wherever they are" expression and several other.


    2. Ciri: Nova boost display issues.

    3. Lamia pixelated art.

    4. Wild Hunt Drakkar aura issues.


    5. "Service interrupted" or "A problem has occurred with the local client that prevents the game from continuing" error during a match.

    6. Users who completed some challenges before and some after the Midwinter patch may receive duplicate Leaders (info about scrap difference distribution to such players is provided on

    7. If the opponent forfeits in Round 1, the game does not count towards the daily quests requiring winning a game or playing cards. Currently this is as designed but it will be changed.

    8. Upon logging in, a notification may appear informing that someone is already logged in to the account, while no one is.

    9. Loading indication (a spinning wheel) may appear in the post-match summary screen (this is a visual issue, the experience etc. is still gained).

    10. Premium cards performance issues.

    11. Faction emblem is always a Skellige one when entering pre-match screens for the first time after saving a deck.

    12. Changing any setting in Settings on currently unsupported resolutions lowers the quality of textures.

    13. Challenges may occasionally not load.

    14. Daily progress may not visually reset after the day passes.

    Should you encounter any players who are exploiting certain game mechanics while playing GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, please contact our tech support via with all the necessary details.