TailBot secures a spot in the upcoming GWENT Challenger!

  • Congratulations to TailBot, winner of the April Challenger Qualifier #1!

    The tournament took place this weekend, February 24-25th, and saw 127 top Pro Ladder players battling it out for a spot in the April GWENT Challenger. 16 best players from Day 1 advanced to the second day of the tournament, where they competed in a series of best-of-five matches in a double-elimination format. Despite falling to the losers bracket in the first round (and having to play a total of 8 best-of-five matches in a single day!), TailBot managed to win all his subsequent games and emerged victorious.

    A big thank you to all participants, as well as tournament administrators from RuGwent Tournaments team, for making this Qualifier a success!

    The second Qualifier will take place on March 24-25th - to be eligible to participate, players will need to be in the top 200 of Pro Ladder come March 21st, 11:59 PM CET.
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    Where are the videos of the games played? I Want to see the decks and how they played! Link, please?
    It wasn't streamed