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  • Originally posted by ruuuis View Post
    When the coinflip will be repaired?
    We are testing a solution for the coinflip – adding an attribute for all faction leader cards that would determine who wins the coinflip (think about a Initiative stat – we could balance this stat like the rest of the cards). This is still very work in progress tho.
  • Originally posted by Cardzilla View Post
    Why are console players treated as 2nd class?

    The servers are horrible for us now and the view that is protrayed to us is that it will be like that for a long time. We get that view because when the servers were bad for us for a month between the armor nerf and saovine patch, nothing was done then for us, just like now.

    And to complete the original premise, an in-game tracker should be added for console players because many PC players are taking advantage (along with getting gifted wins from the multitude of disconnects forced upon us) of similar type trackers when they play us.
    Hi! We are aware of the issues on consoles happening at the moment, we're sorry about this I can assure you that a fix is coming. We develop the game on all platforms and try to cater to all players. When it come to trackers these are third party apps that we don't officially support.